Our mission is to aid small and large animals suffering from fractures

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TraceRay Oy – established in April 2015 as a spin-off from the research activities at the University of Turku, currently focuses on designing and manufacturing of the novel intelligent bioactive implantable system for fracture treatment in small and large animals.

The company’s technology allows the creation of a flexible fixation device with osteoinductive and antibacterial properties. The implantable system will be manufactured based on the materials extensively studied at the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University.



The core team of the company consists of engineers, scientists, and orthopaedic veterinary surgeons with vast scientific and practical knowledge.

Julia Kulkova DDS, PhD

Peter Uppstu MSc

Niko Moritz MSc, PhD, Adjunct Professor

Member of Advisory Board
Mikael Granholm DVM

Fracture Treatment Technology


The first targeted product is an implant for the treatment of radial and ulnar fractures in toy-breed dogs (<5 kg). The targeted implant is multifunctional and can be tailored to meet the specific clinical needs. The company’s technology allows the creation of flexible fixation device with osteoinductive and antibacterial properties.

This technology brings a versatile product with possibilities of almost unlimited shapeability and light weight. Therefore, we expect that even difficult cases of fractures can be healed. The implant consists of two parts. The first part is a non-metallic biomechanically optimized flexible and fillable load-bearing plate made of a fiber reinforced composite. The second part is a bioactive booster represented by a biodegradable shell and bioactive filler.

The national patent was recently obtained.

Post-operative Care


Novel post-operative protective collar, Charlie Collar™, was developed based on the analysis of the customer needs. The product overcomes all the major limitations related to the currently used protective collars.



3D Modeling

TraceRay have vast expertise in medical 3D modeling and offers digital sculpting and mechanical design service. TraceRay will help you through every step of design and development process, all the way from concept to 3D model. In addition to the 3D modeling, we offer engineering calculations by the finite element method.



Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping service supports companies in the promotion of innovative ideas into successful end products. It allows for greater design flexibility and improves communication between ideas and end-product. A wide range of CNC milling materials can yield in functional prototypes for precise performance testing and realistic models that look and feel like real end products.


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