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TraceRay established in April 2015 as a spin-off from the research activities at the University of Turku focuses on the designing and manufacturing of the family of intelligent bioactive implants for the treatment of bone and ligaments disorders in small and large animals and post-operative textile products. Our technology is suitable for out-licensing for human orthopaedics.



The team has a long history and substantial experience in scientific research in the field of biomaterials. The participants of the scientific group came with the decision of commercializing their biomedical knowledge. The idea of a product for veterinary orthopaedics has generated genuine interest among the potential customers. Consequantly, intelligent orthopaedic implants and post-operative care product line were developed collaboration with veterinary surgeons.

Fracture Treatment Technology


In collaboration with veterinary professionals, TraceRay came up with the innovative concept. The company’s patented technology allows the creation of a flexible fracture fixation device, which promotes the formation of new bone and protects it from infection. The targeted implant is multifunctional and can be tailored to meet the specific clinical needs. Based on the materials used it can be bioactive bioresorbable or biostable. In total four types of plates are currently available in our portfolio. This technology is novel and ground-breaking.

Bioactive Tibial Tuberosity Advancement Spacer


The product shares the same patent with the fracture fixation device. The company’s technology allows for the creation of a non-metallic bioresorbable and bioactive wedge implant with osteoinductive and antibacterial properties. The implant will stay in the body for the time required to treat the clinical condition being gradually replaced by the patient’s own bone. Risks of complications will be significantly decreased.
The application of the implant is not restricted to a certain surgical procedure. This means that the implant could be transformed according to the expectations and skills possessed by a surgeon.


Post-Operative Care


Patented post-operative protective collar, Charlie Collar™, was developed to overcome the major limitations related to the currently used protective collars. TraceRay is launching the product in different Scandinavian style design patterns. Post-operative recovery blanket and other are foreseen.


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